Fee (1hour)
Once/DayTwice/DayAn addition
Small-sized dog ¥3000¥5000¥1000
Medium-sized dog ¥3400¥5900¥1300
Large-sized dog ¥3800¥6900¥1500
Cat (up to 2)
Small Animals(1 cage)

Walk a dog for 30minsOnce/DayTwice/DayAn addition
Small-Sized dog¥1900¥2900¥1000
Medium-Sized dog¥2400¥3200¥1300
Large-Sized dog¥2800¥3700¥1500

⭐︎ For safety, dogs are taken for a walk one at a time.
⭐︎ 10% discount for a dog without a walk.
⭐︎ For every 15 minutes of extra time taken, a fee of ¥500 will be charged.